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Chandelier Collection

During the 1700s, the elegant chandelier assumed decorative importance in palaces and upscale homes in France during the reign of King Louis XIV. Gilded bronze frame with crystal pendant, drops and rosettes exhibits boundless nobleness and exerted a great influence over the the French monarchs. Crisathena Chandelier collection inherits the vintage style and presents in modern way. Multicolored stones like emeralds, ruby and turquoise and exquisite details demonstrate the romanticism reflecting the grandeur of Versatile palace.

Snow Collection

Glittering snowflakes dancing and whirling down, that light and graceful gesture makes people lost in sensual reverie. Walk down the lane in Christmas season with Snow Collection on your wrist to experience the fairy tale like romance. Inspired by delicate snowflakes, the collection is full of festive sparkle. Snowflake-shape case matches the stone paved dial on leather strap. The collection is also available in sleek stainless steel.

Macaron Collection

Macarons, the a butter-creamed filled cookie sandwich transports you to a cobbled street in Paris with one taste. They are magical, dainty, chic, stylish and delicious in equal measure. Macaron Collection offer you the same sweetness filling your life with adorable and dainty elements. Distinctive bubble round shaped design with glittering zircon captures the essence of glamours and vivacity. Stone paved dial on genuine leather makes it the become the center of spotlight.